Conscious Living, Stay Positive During CoVid-19

Prescription for Lockdown 1 – towards a better and fulfilling existence : Practice Attentive Living and Mindfulness

The lockdown imposed in many countries to combat the novel coronavirus (CoVid-19) has caught people unaware. This is perhaps the first time in the experience of all generations alive on this planet that such a situation has come about. Hence, there is no experience and prior wisdom on how to go about and handle oneself in this situation.
This series is dedicated to make use of this time available to us in this lockdown period to help us move towards a better and fulfilling experience of life.

In the introductory post the idea of being compassionate to others and appreciating their help was discussed. This in turn helps us get in touch with our humane side which may have gathered rust due to the tensions of our usual lives.

However, more important than how we be with others is how we be with ourselves.

So shift the focus to yourself first. It only requires a bit of attention to help you live your life in a drastically more fulfilling manner. This does not mean becoming selfish, so put the guilt aside and read on.

Become Attentive – Practice Mindfulness

Take life slowly.

With the hurried nature of gulping in the breakfast, quickly taking the shower, browsing over the newspaper or the mobile phone for news not required any more, slow down these activities and give your entire attention to them.

This is important, giving attention. And you can give attention only when you are taking time to do something. This is what we are unable to do in our usual life of running behind schedules.

But now you have Time. So pay attention. To each and every little thing you are doing.


Eating breakfast or a meal? Taste every little bite with complete attention.

How much salty, how much sweet, sour or hot is the food? How does the surface feel in the mouth? How could the cooking be improved so the perfect taste is reached?

image to represent attentive eating taking in the taste and feeling the food in your mouth
Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

Taking a bath? When is the last time you noticed the drops from the shower falling on your bare skin?

Take time while rinsing your body. It is your own body, and perhaps you hadn’t had time to notice it closely since long. Observe your own features, appreciate them. Be slow while applying the lotion on your skin.

Give attention to yourself. Appreciate yourself.

attentive bathing noticing your own features appreciating yourself
Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Sipping tea? Look into the fumes rising from the cup. Notice the colour of the tea, the smell.

Pay attention to how you pick it up to your lips and how you place it down on the table. The slight kinkle that happens as it touches ground. The sweet gurgling that happens when you sip the tea.

Ever wondered how the writers of a novel describe a scene so beautifully. It is simply because they take time to observe, they pay attention to each little thing.

Now is the time where you can experience that beauty in each scene of the novel of your life you are living right now, while in lockdown. I guarantee you will find so much beauty in the many things that you are doing while being at home.


In fact, when you are doing nothing, pick up a book and read. You have always been telling your friends about the book you are not finding time to read. Pick it up now. Read the words, and read slowly.

Give time to imagine, be attentive to the words as they build up scenes and images.

Spend some more time living in that scene, being the character, or thinking about the idea the book wants to convey.

attentive reading living in the words of a book engrossed in a novel

Watching a movie in the free time? Have you paid attention to how the colour palette of a scene modulates the mood? How the music steers your emotions? How the visuals bring out deeper nuances of the story?

Pay attention to the space you live. Is it how exactly you wish it to be? What emotion does it convey? Can you make it better?

Pay attention to the people around you. If you are with family or roommates in a lockdown, notice their grey hair, their wrinkled skin, the colour of their eyes, the way they smile.

Have you noticed their habits closely before? Perhaps some gross qualities you already know, but what about the finer nuances?

If you pay attention to them, you can even tell what they are thinking right now. The power of attention is huge, only you never had time to cultivate it. Now is the time.


This is the time offered to us to get back on track and inculcate this quality of being able to give attention. With conscious practice during the lockdown, we can make it a positive habit that will stick with us when we get back to our usual routine life.

I am sure you would find it to be a beautiful and satisfying way of living, and perhaps ‘living’ in the true sense.

If you are curious to understand how mindfulness works, you can find out the physiological perspective and the psychological perspective in the linked posts.

fulfillment and contentment in life

Wondering what else can you do to move towards a better and fulfilling existence? Read through Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of this series.

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Feature Image :Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

14 thoughts on “Prescription for Lockdown 1 – towards a better and fulfilling existence : Practice Attentive Living and Mindfulness”

  1. Glad to see someone pointed out the true meaning of “living” in the current situation. Amazing Work! Stay Safe.


    1. Hi Debjani. Thanks for appreciating the effort. The times are tough but we can move on to basics in order to live well. Please share the post in your circle if you feel like it. Love and light.


  2. The author seems to be very much in touch with their inner self, all in all a good read. Thanks for taking the time and pointing out the little but so important things in life, during such tough times.

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