Conscious Living, Stay Positive During CoVid-19

Prescription for Lockdown 2 – towards a better and fulfilling existence : Enhance Your Brain

The lockdown imposed in many countries to combat the novel coronavirus (CoVid-19) has caught people unaware. This is perhaps the first time in the experience of all generations alive on this planet that such a situation has come about. Hence, there is no experience and prior wisdom on how to go about and handle oneself in this situation.
This series is dedicated to make use of this time available to us in this lockdown period to help us move towards a better and fulfilling experience of life.

The series began with this post on practicing compassion and appreciating others contribution in our lives. Then we discussed how we can incorporate mindfulness and attentive living in order to fulfill our senses and experience contentment in our lives.

However, there is a lot more that could be done to positively transform oneself.

And the lockdown time provides us with the opportunity like never before.

Instead of using up all the time for binge watching and video gaming, the free time can be utilized in pursuing meaningful activities that build you up from inside. It can be developing a new skill or a new practice, enrolling in an online course which you wanted to learn. All that can be done now.

Develop Your Skills

Passionate about art but could only manage to pick up the brush once or twice a year?

Images come to your mind but never were put on paper or canvas.

The colours are bought but not opened yet.

Now make use of them. Dive into yourself and unlock the treasure trove of imageries that had so long been waiting to be expressed.

The guitar or the harmonica lying unused for so long. Or may be it’s the same old tune you keep playing at the parties or before going to bed.

You can now learn another one, or more of them.

If you had been wishing to start, you can do that now.

Lots of online videos are available to guide you. With internet not in a lockdown, make its best use to grow your artistic side.

Or did you wish to practice your singing? Perhaps even share it with your friends online?

Hone up your singing, then create that video and share. Your friends cannot just say they are too busy to listen to it.

Take their earnest feedback to improve yourself.

That travelogue you wanted to write for so long, that memoire of the college days, about your first romance or the poignant last days of school, there has to be something you wanted to write about for so long. May be just some random philosophical ideas, some inspirational advice, a short story, a poem, haiku.

Or are you more serious that you wanted to take that online creative writing course? Perhaps venture into writing a screenplay?

Let your imagination not be wasted in worrying but used in bringing out beauty through words.

May be you wanted to enroll for the online digital art course, or the coding competition, the website development course or what not. There is an umpteen number of skills which you can develop during this lockdown time. And there are so many online videos, courses and guides to help you in that.

As you develop such skills, your brain also develops. This helps you achieve much more in your other activities as well.

You may already have seen that the bright guy or girl from your school or college also has a multitude of other talents and extra-curricular skills. Science has established the connection between new skill acquisition and overall brain development – Article.

This happens simply because learning new skills or practicing your skills increase connections between the neurons of your brain. And who doesn’t know that it is the brain which makes us think and work.

So you will emerge as an individual who can think and work in a better way along with an additional skill in your repository.

In the next party with your friends and family, surprise them with the new tune in your guitar or sing the new song, maybe. Gift an artwork to your parents or your loved one. Send your writings to a journal or create a blog.

Photo by Radu Florin on Unsplash

Wondering what else can you do to move towards a better and fulfilling existence? Read through Part 1, Part 3 and Part 4 of this series.

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Part 3: Dive into yoga, meditation and pranayam to stabilize your body and mind

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