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Prescription for Lockdown 3 – towards a better and fulfilling existence : Practice Yoga and Meditation

The lockdown imposed in many countries to combat the novel coronavirus (CoVid-19) has caught people unaware. This is perhaps the first time in the experience of all generations alive on this planet that such a situation has come about. Hence, there is no experience and prior wisdom on how to go about and handle oneself in this situation.
This series is dedicated to make use of this time available to us in this lockdown period to help us move towards a better and fulfilling experience of life.

The series began with the post on practicing compassion and appreciation for others. Then we discussed how we can incorporate mindfulness and attentive living in order to fulfill our senses and experience contentment. Also, the lockdown period could be utilized to add a new skill in our repository, thereby developing our brain and enhancing our capabilities.

Down to the Basics

It’s been long we are suppressed by the overbearing weight of so many expectations and the stress of matching up to them. The coronavirus, if not anything else, has revealed the bare minimum we ought to take care of in our lives. The rest is simply not in our hands.

So instead of worrying, it is worthwhile to act upon this opportunity to permanently establish a mind which is relaxed and without anxiety and stress. After all, our mind and the thoughts in there decide the quality of life we live.

Practice Meditation and Yoga

Everyone around has started doing something of meditation or yoga. That guy you knew from gym has moved into a yoga centre. The new guy in office also practices meditation every morning. Your friend told there is a corporate program in their company for those interested in yoga and meditation. What the heck is this thing after all?

meditation done together

Those who are already initiated will vouch its effectiveness. They will tell you they are now more relaxed, more mindful of their actions, leaning towards a positive attitude of life, and so many other remarkable things you have refused to believe for so long. If still not convinced, you can go through these two articles with enough scientific study backing up the meditation claim to better life – Article 1 | Article 2.

Wouldn’t you want to be a perennially healthy individual rather than stuffing yourself with pharmaceutical chemicals every now and then? This is the time to switch from medication life to meditation life.

meditation to transform your life

But who will guide you? You don’t know anything of this. Or may be you know only superficially.

There are lots of guidance available in the internet.

Many organizations as well as individual practitioners have a lot of free videos and articles teaching yoga and meditation.

Start with the simple breathing exercises of Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom, Ujjayi and Bhramari. If all five are too much for you, simply do Anulom Vilom only. Some video links to guide you are provided at the end of the blog.

But more important than the breathing exercises, called pranayams, is to know how to breathe correctly. It is highly likely that you have been breathing wrong all your life.

In fact, breathing the right way is the first step towards transforming your life. Not yoga, meditation, pranayama, nor any self-help or self-improvement routine. Without the strong foundation of proper breathing, none of the above or any other thing can give results.

breathing properly


There are many a guided meditation videos in the internet which you can choose depending on your liking. But it’s best if you can simply sit and not think of anything.

A completely thoughtless mind is what meditation tries to achieve, but it is the most difficult thing to do in this world.

If you don’t believe me, try not thinking of anything for just a minute. That’s why there is guided meditation, to help people start with. Here the mind is directed to be fixed on something, which is much easier to do and serves the same purpose as a thoughtless meditation.

meditation for a better life

Learn some yoga postures from the internet. Watch a video to understand it in a better way.

This is also a form of meditation, as they fix your mind on the posture your body has made. Meditation is nothing but not allowing your mind to run wild, to hold it down to something and direct its undivided attention.

yoga posture

You might already be initiated into meditation and yoga, but were not getting the right amount of time to give to it. Or you had been wishing to increase your duration of practice. You see, you have now been offered unlimited time to make the best use of it.

Doing meditation and yoga will definitely transform you into a better individual. In about ten days time, you will find yourself calmer, more at peace and stronger from within, and notice that you aren’t any more disturbed by the lesser distractions life keeps throwing at you.

This will invariably improve your capacity to deliver in all activities that you engage yourself in.

So motivate yourself into making good use of this lockdown period and initiate the transformation in your life you desired for so long, and may have lost any hope that it could be possible in your busy routine.

transform your life

Wondering what else can you do to move towards a better and fulfilling existence? Read through Part 1, Part 2 and Part 4 of this series.

Part 1: Practice attentive living and mindfulness to experience a more fulfilled life

Part 2: Develop up your skills to enhance your capacities

Part 4: Walk the four paths to God (even if you are a non-believer) and experience a whole new dimension of living




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Associated Links

The below links are not being endorsed by this site in any way. Only we felt that these videos could be followed easily by any one, and also depict their content accurately. You may find other guides and follow them.

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Anulom Vilom, Ujjayi and Bhramari

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Guided Meditation –

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Basic Yoga Postures –

Basic Postures
Sarvangasana – complete body toning
Halasana – complete body toning
Suryanamaskar and some simple asanas

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