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How To Breathe Properly – 1 : Your first step to a transformed existence

What keeps you alive, if done wrongly, can very well kill you.

Our body is an instrument to observe and decipher the Reality of Existence. As for any instrument to work properly, it needs proper tuning. A telescope is only useful for gazing stars if the lenses are properly focused.

The question then is what focuses the instrument of our human body.

There are many, but let’s keep this post directed to the most fundamental one – Breathing.

If you have already heard of the terms diaphragmatic breathing and chest breathing, then you may know that one of this is the normal breathing while the other is not. The question is are you breathing the right way?

Breathing is the single most important activity we do to keep us alive.


Did I just say it’s an activity we do? Doesn’t breathing happen on its own?

I know, most of us may have the idea that breathing is involuntarily, but it is not entirely so.

You can take control of how you breathe, and thus take control of how you live.

In fact, breathing the right way is the first step towards transforming your life. Not yoga, meditation, pranayama, nor any self-help or self-improvement routine. Without the strong foundation of proper breathing, none of the above or any other thing can give results. Also, just on its own, the habit of proper breathing can result in massive transformation in your life. You need to make a conscious effort to do it rightly, and everything else follows. A better health, better heart and a stable mind.

breathing for life and breathing for anxiety
breathing the right way for a stable body and mind

Primary for Spiritual Progress

Spirituality is nothing but enhancing our levels of perception so that we can grasp the deeper nature of Reality or Existence. For this, the instrument of our body and mind must be elevated to a stage facilitating reception of the Knowledge out there. To develop and make ourselves suitable for that, the first step is to breathe correctly. Only after mastering proper breathing would we be able to master control on our breath, which would then lead us to the doorway of spiritual experiences. And as the seers say, spirituality is not simply the knowledge of Reality, but a lived experience of it. Hence, it is as much important to make ourselves capable to receive the experiences, as much as it is to acquire knowledge of them.

However, not even giving a thought on the spiritual aspect of it, there surely cannot be any reason why you would not breathe correctly?

Read through the next part of this post to get guidance on how you can correct your breathing in a few simple steps, which does not even require more than 5 minutes of your day.

Now is the time to start breathing the right way. It takes only a small step to drastically improve your life.




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