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Absolute TRUTH : Its Nature and Relevance

At least once in our life we must have pondered upon the true nature of our existence. We have wondered about what could be the purpose of being here.

No matter what our social, political, economic backgrounds are, somewhere deep within we have an inkling that our true reality is beyond all that this society has made us to be.

However, muddled in the slew of worldly affairs, such a quest for the Truth had never been pursued with sincerity. As a result, we have remained in general a lost breed of human beings disconnected from our true reality. Such a population would inherently be confused and create confusion in this world, which is exactly what we see around us at this time of existence.

The Nature of TRUTH

Anything cannot be passed on as absolute Truth.

There are three criteria which must be fulfilled so that something can be regarded as an ultimate Truth. These are its nature of being constant, being realizable, and being useful. Such criteria intuitively appears logical, as we go through the discussion below.

If there is a Truth, it needs to be independent of all bias – social, political, economical, etc. It also needs to be the same throughout all times and places.

The Truth of all human beings must be the same irrespective of their assumed identities in this world.

If there is such a Truth, by virtue of its being there, it must be available to each one of us to experience in the same way. Otherwise my Truth would be different from yours, and hence it would cease to be the absolute Truth anymore.

There must be a tool or technique for realization of Truth, employing which anyone in this world would be able to grasp it.

Realizing the Truth is not enough though. It must be useful in our day to day workings of life such that we can live the Truth. Otherwise there is no use of such a Truth in our lives.

The Impact of TRUTH

A life centered around such absolute Truth would find a strong base to flourish upon. Like a flower blooming from the truth of the stem, like a building standing on the truth of its foundation. Such a life becomes stable, because it is rooted to the Truth which is absolute in nature.

When such Truth dawns in the hearts of masses, the world will inherently become a better place. Because those with the light of Truth would start seeing others as potential forebearers of the same light, and a feeling of oneness would spontaneously blossom in their hearts. Hence, they could no more impose their selfish needs on anyone.

Also, with the light of Truth shining in their hearts, they would no more be overwhelmed by the ever-changing happenings of the world, since they would live a life based on the ever-constant absolute Truth. In such a state, they would be able to undertake their duties with an attitude of balance and calm, free from the transiency of the external world. The storms of plentiful emotions would not be able to uproot their stability anymore.

Is there such an absolute Truth waiting for all of us to realize?

The seers and sages of India since ancient times had been seekers of that Truth, which when realized shines its light upon us and instantly removes all our pains and sufferings.

They had realized the Truth by their diligent seeking. Wouldn’t it be worthy that we do the same?


Read further to know about the Truth discovered by the sages of ancient India, which forms the basis of Indian spirituality.




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