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Absolute TRUTH : The Basis of Indian Spirituality

Although the Indian traditions are riddled with a multitude of apparently self-contradictory rituals, they have stood the test of time because they are grounded to the absolute Truth as revealed by the ancient yogis and seers, and as experienced even in modern times by a diligent seeker.

Rightfully, the religion of the land had been referred to as Sanatan Dharma, or the Eternal Nature of Life, since it is based on that eternal and absolute Truth.

When the Truth shines its light upon us, all pains and sufferings are instantly washed away, say the scriptures.

A life centered around such absolute Truth would find a strong base to flourish upon. Like a flower blooming from the truth of the stem, like a building standing on the truth of its foundation. Such a life becomes stable, because it is rooted to the Truth which is absolute in nature.

What is this Truth that can liberate us from pain and suffering, which can instantly bring purpose and meaning to our life? What is this Truth which firmly binds us to its safe base so that we can experiment with our life and experience it to the fullest without losing our way and getting overwhelmed by it?

I Am That

The Vedic scriptures speak about this Truth.

In simple words, it says that our true identity is same as that of the Supreme Consciousness, permeating each and everything in the Existence.

We can think of the Existence as water, and the Supreme Consciousness as salt that has homogeneously mixed itself all throughout that water. We, as blobs of water in the pool of Existence, also have the same consciousness within us.

However, these blobs have an illusory layer of separation which does not let us realize our true identity. This illusion is termed as Maya. Instead of recognizing ourselves as Supreme Consciousness, our perception of self gets limited by our ego identities.

Experience the Truth

There is no question of believing the above Truth on faith, because it can be experienced by one and all. Without that, the above statement remains nothing but some esoteric or philosophic good-to-tell-others catch phrase.

The scriptures, hence, encourage us to realize this Truth through direct experience.

For this, tools had been laid out. These tools, referred as Yoga in Vedic scriptures and philosophies, are the means towards realization of this Truth.

The word Yoga, literally means Union. In the context of spiritual usage, it refers to Union with God or the Supreme Consciousness, called as Paramatma or Brahm in Indian spiritual literature.

A Life of Truth

Only realizing the Truth would not serve any real purpose, unless one is able to utilize it in their day to day living. As such, living the Truth had been emphasized in Indian spiritual traditions.

Upon realization that each of us is basically divine and same as the Supreme Consciousness, a deep sense of community and fellowship ensues. A feeling of oneness spontaneously blossoms in our hearts.

As such, one would never be able to manipulate others for their own selfish agenda. Instead of living a life of taking, one would be living a life of giving, because with the ultimate Truth in their hearts, they would be full and overflowing.

Life becomes meaningful and receives a strong foundation with the realization of Truth. The purpose then becomes to remain aligned with this Truth, and live a life based upon it.

Those with the Truth no more get overwhelmed by the ever-changing happenings of the world, since they would live a life based on the ever-constant absolute Truth. In such a state, they would be able to undertake their duties with an attitude of balance and calm, free from the transiency of the external world. The storms of plentiful emotions would not be able to uproot their stability anymore.

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The same paths as those taken for realization of the Truth would now also aid in their societal living. The Yogas perform a dual role of taking one to the Truth as well as directing their lives in a way that they remain in constant association with the Truth. Their actions and interactions with society then take place from the basis of the Truth. Such a life becomes a fulfilled life, complete with meaning and purpose, with ever-flowing bliss experienced due to constant God association.




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