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Sacred Union is dedicated to create an understanding of our spiritual nature through observation of experiential reality, thereby connecting us to our higher consciousness and uplifting our state of living.

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Latest from the Blog

Karma Yoga in Everyday Life

Karma Yoga is not about great public service that one needs to do. It can be accomplished by simply being in servitude in all activities of everyday life.

Read the post and engage with comments and sharing.

Love and Light.

Career and Karma Yoga

Do you think that your career being a service to society automatically qualifies as Karma Yoga? What are the finer aspects to be aware of? Can we mold our careers according to the principles of Karma Yoga?

Read the blog and share with your friends and family. Engage in a conversation.

Love and Light.

Paths to Self-Realization : Karma Yoga – III

What is the impact of Karma Yoga on society and personal life?
How can it bring about the ultimate spiritual goal of being united with the Supreme Consciousness?

Read the post and engage with your views on the topic. Share if you like the post.

Love and Light.

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